Rates vary by mileage as well as hourly based and are calculated on based on a round trip mileage, originating from and returning to the client’s home. Clients are billed weekly.


We do provide one-way drives, however the cost for the drive will still be calculated as a round trip in order to cover the cost of the driver's mileage.


The cost of parking is not included in hourly rates, and it is client’s responsibility to cover the cost of parking.



All rides must be booked in advance. The more notice we have the greater the chance we will be able to accommodate your needs. We recommend 2 days' notice or even more if possible. However, 48 hours is the minimum notice required.


Drives not cancelled are subject to charges.


Our drivers are very helpful and accommodating. Please let us know at the time of your booking that you would like to be accompanied and our drivers will be ready to assist you. With our company you hire caregiver that comes with a car.


Factors that may affect your drive schedules

  • weather conditions such as snow, ice storms, freezing rain with an sufficient accumulation within a short period of time

  • big traffic or road construction and repair

  • frequent changes to the route that the driver must learn

  • unsafe behaviour by students that requires the driver to stop